Executive protection

Executive Protection aims to create a safe and comfortable working environment around the client free of threats and obstacles that may affect their personal safety and productivity.

At SCS we believe Executive Protection is not just about the “physical” protection of the client, however. An EP team is also able to help mitigate modern-day threats such as hostile surveillance, corporate espionage and safeguard the client’s privacy in addition to the classic threats (Terror, crime, etc.) 

Executive Protection agents help select the safest way to a destination and ensure that the client arrives at his/her destination in a timely and comfortable manner.

We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to executive protection. This is why SCS specializes in providing custom solutions, tailor-made to our clients’ specific needs.


Corporate executive protection 

The corporate world has different needs, the risk appetite is much lower, the client service demand is very high, and the EP teams need to strive for efficiency in terms of both logistics and planning while remaining in sync with the corporate culture and lifestyle of the client. The risk landscape is a bit different on the top echelon. We learned that executives for instance may have concerns over competitors or even hostile entities conducting corporate espionage on them or their associates. Our Executive Protection agents are educated in this phenomenon and are capable of creating protective circles around the client that disrupt the gathering of hostile business intelligence. 

At SCS we believe it is highly important to study and adapt to our client’s business and interests. Understanding this paired with being aware of the potential business competition faced by the client consists of an important factor when it comes to dealing with the hostile business intelligence being conducted on the client.


After years of service in the Special Forces and Israeli law enforcement agencies, our executive protection agents provide the highest level of expertise available in the security field. In order to achieve this exceptional level of expertise, SCS personnel undergo regular training sessions, seminars, tactical drills, and tests. We believe in a continuous process of learning. Understanding and adapting to new threats

At SCS, each assignment involves intelligence gathering and meticulous planning, thus creating a preventive security buffer around the client. The SCS team uses a unique methodology and has the capabilities and knowledge to use undercover and specialized advance agents which can stream information straight to the principal’s AIC. (Agent in Charge)

We take the trust you place in us very seriously and ensure maximum discretion and professionalism
Media crews:

Securing media personnel can be one of the more challenging categories of close protection. At SCS we are fully prepared to ensure media personnel can continue to fulfill their work in high-risk zones without having to worry about their personal safety. We understand the importance of proper communication with the media teams, providing the relevant personal protective gear and being able to make a tough decision on whether to “evacuate” or not and stay filming for instance. 

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