Vision & Methodology


SCS is a company that is built around creativity and high-end services.  SCS specializes in finding solutions to complex problems for our clients. This often involves the need to “think outside the box” and to operate in an unorthodox manner in order to get the job done. SCS clients mainly consist of corporate, HNW & Security Risk Management clients.

SCS aims to be a one-stop-shop for providing solutions to our clients, the fixers, the silent professionals that operate behind the scenes in order to enhance business productivity, especially in challenging areas.

The SCS methods of operation are based on an Israeli methodology of Crisis Management that has proven its effectiveness and efficiency around the globe during numerous of our operations and beyond. One of our main advantages is our ability to work according to a proven methodology while remaining flexible and highly adaptable to the situation.

Our company’s human resources are based upon a variety of highly skilled security professionals. All of our global agents are ex-special forces personnel and specialized in various types of operations. They strive to maintain the highest standards in the private security arena.

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