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Feedback for us is the no. 1 engine for success we thrive to hear our clients and learn every day, every mistake is a growth opportunity. If you are not out there to operate, you will never fail. Every time you enter the ring you are taking a risk, we try to make sure that this risk will minimal to non existent. 

Here are some of the most inspiring reviews from our clients. If you wish to join this group of satisfied people fill the contact form below. 

Each success we had was mainly due to our client courage to take  decisions and give us the opportunity to be creative, unique and accurate.

Risk Management Firm
COO Risk Management Firm COO
“Thanks again for the quick response and for the ground support. In order to design and execute a maneuver and make the best decisions, you must be very familiar with Lagos. Your professional expertise is the exact reason we put our trust in your team for the recent years.”
“I was deeply impressed by the SCS team, especially by the creative mindset and the high-security training of this security consulting company. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your thorough work on the project of transferring our country assets. Your unique point of view and professionalism were at our service exactly when needed and we are already seeing positive results.”
US retail
EMEA operations manager US retail EMEA operations manager
“I wanted to formally thank you for doing such an incredible job organizing…or shall I say orchestrating… All the security details involving our Executive. You can’t imagine how much easier it makes my work to know that your company is taking such excellent care of our people"
Global investments Bank
SOC Director Global investments Bank SOC Director
"The information you provided this week was invaluable for us, we are changing course of action and looking forward to your insights again"
Automotive corporation
CEO Automotive corporation CEO
"Would not imagine how much the team helped us this week in Tel Aviv, the negotiations were long, and your inputs were dramatic to our business, far beyond security"
Global Consulting Firm
Executive assistant Global Consulting Firm Executive assistant
“We truly appreciate the outstanding and professional service from SCS team last week for XXXX’s trip in Tel Aviv ! Particularly, we found the live updates re. XXXXs location is extremely helpful for the team given we can be sure XX is in the right position while he is moving. Overall, we are always impressed by the fantastic service and hope to work with the team again in the coming future! XXX “I would like to echo XXX and say how excellent it was to work with the team! They were incredibly kind, professional, and helpful throughout our time in Israel, and were a huge part of making it such a success. They were a joy to work with and I hope I get to work with them again in the future!”
North America Bank
Executive protection program lead North America Bank Executive protection program lead
SCS is a long-standing partner for us in Israel and Brazil, they are our source of knowledge and have been done pieces of training for our teams, they are professional partners but friends much before that!
Silicon Valley tech giant
EP program manager Silicon Valley tech giant EP program manager
Oron, You have built a fantastic team of professionals in Israel. [We] Recommend you on your work and the work of your team. Once again, you, Daniel and the team of professionals that both of you assembled have ensured that our CEO experienced a safe and successful mission in Israel. We could not have done it without you and your SCS Team. Thank you! XXX Protection relies on its local counterparts, worldwide to complete its missions. Since 2018, our partner in Israel has been Daniel Weil and his selection of SCS Agents. We have come to relay on Daniel and his teammates to ensure that we are able to operate within Israel and that we area able to articulate our needs to POC’s in government, law enforcement and private venues. In past years, we have relied on SCS, not only for protection, but for articulation with PCR and Serology testing during the COVID era, and for secondary transportation issues unrelated to our CEO, and to articulation with aviation operators for our CEO and her family. This mission was much more fluid than all past missions, yet you and Daniel were always able to adjust. You, Daniel, Roi, Eran, Yvgini and Eitan became trusted and indispensable teammates for us on this mission, much as Yakir, Elasha, Tal, Sinai, Amos, Artur and Ofir had been on past missions. Together, we become XXX EP/Israel and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Teamwork! XXX EP operates worldwide. SCS operates in many regions of the globe. [We] hope to see our relationship continue to grow and I am confident with you and Daniel at the help of SCS, that it will. I look forward to seeing you, Daniel and the rest of the SCS team on future missions.

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