The SCS training academy applies proven Israeli security methodologies that have been put to test in Israel’s war on terror.

In the SCS Academy, our mission is to provide a high level of training based on a methodology that is simple in its structure yet highly effective in practice. The SCS training aims to have an immediate positive impact on the trainees and not only provide “technique” & skills but a proper security mindset as well.

The result is that trainees finish the training course with confidence, clarity, skill set and a sense of achievement.

To ensure the absolute best outcome for their trainees, SCS instructors create an intense and demanding atmosphere in their courses. Due to the nature of the challenges and scenarios, we use the “no compromises” policy. That means that we expect the highest level of commitment from both our instructors and trainees. Our program features intense physical and mental training, designed to push the trainees to their limits while making a lasting positive impact on their skill level and technical proficiency. The training, coupled with lectures, tests, and cutting-edge technology, will enable your team to reach maximum potential and deliver a maximal performance.

Available Courses:
    • Close Protection Fundamentals Course – Establishing & Managing a CP Team
    • Counter-Terror Course for Special Forces = Based on the fundamentals of the Israeli LOTAR methodology
    • Advanced Counter-Terror Course for Special Forces – Hostage Rescue & Intervention
    • Operational driving course for Close Protection Agents – Conducted at the your location of preference
    • Tailor-made, custom courses – In accordance with the client request
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