Executive Protection Company: Security Simplified

Executive Protection Company: Security Simplified

What separates a successful company from a failed one? A customer-centric approach and a solid vision are the apparent replies to this question. Yet, to prosper in the brutal business landscape of today, an organization needs to deliver unique value and radiate perseverance to bolster it ahead. Of course, all this applies to any executive protection company as well. It is a necessity that it maintains the mentioned values and skills above everything else.

The need for personal protection has been on the rise lately. As a result, high-net-worth individuals, CEOs, and government officials are constantly looking for executive protection companies to meet their security needs. From traveling abroad to protecting their homes to ensuring safety during public events, a proficient security company should be ready to offer these services in the blink of an eye.

Word spreads fast among top business managers and chief executive officers. Those who necessitate protecting their close surroundings, including their entourage and family, tend to be particularly picky about their close protection details.

As soon as an incident takes place that had gone badly, heads of companies converse and spread the word. Who did you hire? Why this EP firm? How happy are you with the service they are offering?

As in any other industry, not all companies are created equal. Some boast a high level of quality, while others barely meet the basic criteria.

For this and many other reasons, we advise that you, as the principal ― i.e., the person receiving protection services ― be attentive about the executive protection company you choose.

The Painful Trade-Offs

Your primary motive for getting a protective detail is presumably anxiety about your physical safety. Perhaps you are concerned about a stalker or someone seeking retaliation. But it can be a completely different threat altogether. No matter your security concerns, a seasoned protection company knows how to handle them.

Admittedly, a colossal divide may separate your level of perceived fear from the actual danger. In other words, what you assume is a real threat to your well-being may be completely harmless.

Pro-tip: To determine how to discern if your perceived fears have a solid foundation, reach out to us.

As a VIP or CEO, you are making trade-offs all the time. For example, you trade vast amounts of your time for sustaining your business and achieving company goals. Even more dramatically, you exchange your vacation days for meeting the demands of an investor or the board of directors.

In the field of your personal security, you are doing something similar. For instance, giving up considerable amounts of privacy to meet security requirements. These may include being constantly under surveillance or having somebody or something monitor you 24/7. It can be a person, camera, or electrical device. Or all three, for that matter.

Although this trade-off seems undesirable for many high-net-worth individuals and VIPs, most people accept it as a price for doing business.

In the words of American economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell: There are no solutions; there are only trade-offs. And we argue that this is not an inherently negative thing. On the contrary, trade-offs are sometimes indispensable in ensuring you and those you love or work with are safe and sound.

executive protection company

Why Hire an Executive Protection Company?

To be highly productive and maintain peace of mind in yourself and the people surrounding you, hiring an executive protection company seems like the most reasonable solution.

Whether you are constantly on the move or mostly sitting behind a desk, your anxieties about security are probably accompanying you everywhere.

If you run a flourishing business, are massively successful, or the media is treating you generously by giving you oodles of space, chances are you need a protective detail by your side.

In a nutshell, here are the main benefits to hiring an executive protection company:

  • Safer and more frequent travel,
  • Increased productivity and mental acuity,
  • Immediate medical assistance when needed,
  • Competitive advantage due to being more productive, feeling safer, and traveling more.

When all these gains accumulate, they bring about the results that everybody expects of you as the company’s head or otherwise important decision-maker.

Pro-tip: Remember that executive protection agents are not errand boys who turn on the sprinklers or retrieve clothing from the cleaners. We encourage you to treat them respectfully and demand professional behavior in return.

Most, if not all, executive protection agents hold an intrinsic desire to help others. They enter the protection industry to do good for the benefit of others ― and get paid in the process. When on the job, they put you, the other person, first.

In Abraham Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy, a person’s need for security is second only to a person’s needs for primary physiological sustenance. These include air, food, drink, sleep, etc.

Therefore, if you ever feel bad about having multiple executive protection agents following you around ― don’t. It is only natural that you sense the need to feel protected. More so if you work for a successful company or are a high-net-worth individual.

On the Same Page: Protector and Protectee

Providing security services is rarely a piece of cake. First and foremost, it requires the protective detail and the protectee ― you ― to be somewhat in sync.

Notwithstanding, some people who hire security companies exhibit an overabundance of courage. They visit dangerous places and take part in risky activities, thereby confronting conventional reasons concerning personal safety.

On the other hand, others view executive protection agents as a necessary nuisance. They treat them as nonentities and behave rudely towards them. Moreover, those on the receiving end of security services sometimes expect their protective detail to complete tasks usually required of other employees.

In stark opposition, some high-level decision-makers are unaccustomed to being assertive. They are easily intimidated, introverted, and mild, doing everything the protective agent asks or suggests. This type of high-net-worth individual or VIP is subservient toward the security detail.

Although all the stated behavioral subtleties can pose a predicament for any executive protection team, they are merely bumps in the road. Indeed, the job of the passionate and professional protective agent is to make you feel like the most secure person on Earth. No matter what.

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