Advanced Security Training: A Precursor to Excellent Service

Advanced Security Training: A Precursor to Excellent Service

For practically any service-based industry in the world, you need proper training to get ahead and stay there. The same applies to executive protection. In this industry, advanced security training exerts an immense influence on whether you ― as the principal ― will receive the service you deserve and pay for.

There is no mystery in mastery, and suitable executive protection candidates will radiate confidence, professionalism, and proper manners. Most of it originates from the advanced security training they attended. Thus, in this article, we will cover some of the essential ingredients of a protective detail that does wonders for its executive ― i.e., you.

Whether concerns plague you about the security of your home or you worry that someone might be planning to kidnap members of your family, here you will find the criteria for selecting a protection company that will ensure your peace of mind.

Ideal EP Teams With Advanced Security Training

Perhaps you grimaced while reading the word ideal. However, we want to assure you that there is such a thing. It simply entails a seasoned EP team with diverse skills and serious intentions.

In fact, when looking to hire a protection company to meet your security needs, bear the following features in mind:

  • Surveillance detection and anti-surveillance. They need to be able to identify unwanted attention and respond appropriately.
  • Tech-savvy. They must be computer literate, as using various gadgets makes all the difference during all events.
  • Security driving. The EP detail should boast at least one security driver since not everybody can be well-versed in evasive driving.
  • Outstanding communication and de-escalation abilities. We advise that your team act calm and collected and try to de-escalate situations before they get out of hand.
  • Individual performance and teamwork. Your assigned EP agent must be ready to work independently and as part of a team to ensure excellent service is delivered.
  • Discretion. Principals who know what they are doing normally choose protection details that are made up of silent professionals.
  • Service-mindedness. You will want them to be service-oriented and try to minimize every security concern you may have. Being polite, forthcoming, and open-minded are among the core traits. However, you should remember that they aren’t there to get you coffee or a bottle of water. That’s not part of the job.
  • Proper manners and emotional intelligence. Being a protector does not only mean serving as a deterrent to potential attackers but behaving properly and knowing how to read emotions.
  • Licensing and education. Credentials and certification of completed courses from well-established EP training organizations ― such as ESI and Lasorsa & Associates ― are invaluable.
advanced security training

The Surprising Range of Protection You Really Need

Based on multiple years of experience, we have determined some tried-and-true methods to help principals ascertain the scope of protection they necessitate.

Not all executive protection agents will possess every single skill we mentioned above. Nevertheless, the more, the better, and finding the right fit for you, your family, and entourage may sound like a daunting task. Still, companies like SCS offer broad-spectrum services, including:

  • Secure transportation,
  • Penetration testing (or PEN testing),
  • Security consulting,
  • Crisis support, and more.

To discover the range of protection you actually need, reach out to us now. You may be surprised as to what type of security services are most beneficial for you.

Even if your current protective detail or chauffeur needs extra training, our team provides the means to do so. Some of our most popular programs encompass:

  • Close Protection Fundamentals Course,
  • Operational Driving Course,
  • Tailor-made, custom courses, as per the client’s request.

Getting back to the gist: What is the actual range of protection services you need? Well, that depends mainly on the level of your presence in public and your net worth.

If you are like most executives who run medium to large companies, you probably require residential security and bodyguard duty. Such activity entails using high-tech equipment and staying on guard 10 to 15 hours per day. In rare cases, we even recommend hiring a risk management team to handle your cybersecurity. Preferably the same one that manages other aspects of your protection.

To establish what you need most, carrying out a risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment is the best course of action. To conduct a threat assessment means to determine the seriousness and credibility of a potential threat, as well as the likelihood that the threat will become a reality. Finally, your protective detail devises contingency plans and acts accordingly.

Advanced Security Training: A Modern Must-Have

If you were wondering whether you actually need executive protection agents with advanced security training under their belt, the short answer is: Absolutely!

More than 20 years ago, the response to this question may have been a bit different. Back then, technology was not as advanced, and the world felt less interconnected. Therefore, protective intelligence and cybersecurity weren’t on top of the priority list of executive protection agents.

On a similar note, just a few years ago, it was mainly the massively publicized individuals who needed robust protection. Others stayed under the radar of criminals and malefactors, remaining unnoticed and managing their companies stealthily. Nowadays, the circumstances are wildly different. At this moment, virtually any high-level executive or business professional can place themselves in harm’s way in a heartbeat.

Actually, let’s recapitulate the primary beneficiaries of protective details with advanced security training as their professional backgrounds. These include:

  • Celebrities,
  • VIPs,
  • Politicians, government officials,
  • High-net-worth individuals and wealthy families,
  • Dignitaries,
  • Executives and CEOs,
  • Professional athletes, and
  • Musicians and Performers.

Even though this isn’t an exhaustive list, it covers almost all of those who ought to seek out professional protection immediately. And we don’t say this for dramatic purposes.

Wrap Up

In this article, we explored how advanced security training serves as a precursor to exceptional service. Without it, the protection you get ― as the principal ― would be deficient in and of itself.

The security landscape has been changing rapidly over the past few years. Troubling matters that once belonged to the realm of science fiction, now seem glaringly vivid. What used to seem harmless, now constitutes a call for concern at the very least.

As malicious actors, intruders, and attackers conceive increasingly sophisticated plans to harm you, your company, and your family, the good guys ― i.e., your executive protection detail ― must be up to the task.

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